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Efficient, reliable and Professional Analytical Testing

SP LAB is accredited by Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia under MS ISO/IEC:17025:2005. It offers foliar, soil, fertilizer,

agrichemicals and water analysis to support the Group’s plantation activities as well as provides services to other plantation



SP LAB is committed to provide efficient, reliable, competitive and professional analytical services to all customers.


SP LAB obtained 5S Certificate on 8 October 2015 which is in line with the Group’s goals to maximise productivity and emphasize on quality of work .



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Please feel free to contact us to find out more on our services:vices:

General Line : 082-442270
Lab : 082-442230
Senior Chemist : 082-442250

Fax No. : 082-446240
e-mail address :

SP Lab Photo Gallery:
CWE (Citra Widya Education), from Indonesia visit

21 Nov 2012:
SPS Chairman Datu Haji Chaiti Bin Haji Bolhassan visit

23 Feb 2015: 2015:
QE/5S Certification Ceremony