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13 March 2010: Volunteers from Sarawak Plantation Berhad (Melugu Oil Palm Estate, Kuching Laboratory and Corporate Office) had a field day cleaning the compound of Rumah Kanak-Kanak Kuching recently. The volunteers from Melugu Oil Palm Estate in Sri Aman, led by the manager Asa Talit, drove down to meet their colleagues from Kuching before proceeding to the venue on Saturday morning. They brought their own brooms, mops, pails, parangs and detergents and proceeded to clean the centre's multipurpose hall and compound behind the hostels. A day earlier staff from the Corporate Office in Kuching gave the centre's surau a new coat of paint. According to Yanti Idris, the company's CSR executive, around 20 volunteers participated in the gotong-royong on Saturday morning. During the gotong-royong, a clown performance kept the children entertained while the volunteers went about their tasks. The activities ended around noon when the volunteers joined the children for lunch at the centre's canteen.


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